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Point of Care Dispensing Program

Why Should You Start Dispensing Medication Now?

Clinical Rx Solutions offers two programs to practices for their non Workers Compensation patients, our Cash & Carry Program and our BillingScripts program. Our BillingScripts Program is great for practices with a large Medicare population or a practice that would like to process pharmacy claims. Essentially patients getting medication from our BillingScripts program at
your office is just like going to the pharmacy without an extra trip or long wait time.


Cash & Carry Program


Physicians are struggling with finding ways to increase earnings since many of their patients are participating in a managed care plan such as a PPO or HMO. Not following an insurance carrier's formulary compliance can cost you a lot of money when prescribing too many of the "wrong drugs" (the ones the insurance companies don't want you to prescribe) to your patients. Dispensing medication to the patient actually reduces this problem dramatically since the claim is never turned in to the insurance company. No risk pool worries. You prescribe medication to your patients every single day but don't get paid anything for it. You either write the script or call one in to the pharmacy. Only the pharmacy and the pharmaceutical reps financially benefit. We plan on changing that and you can too.


In minutes, you or a qualified staff member can dispense the needed medication to your patient. For your effort, the average profit to your practice will be approximately $5.00 to $11.00 per medication dispensed. There are no insurance claims to file. You get paid directly from the patient. The average physician sees one-hundred (100) patients per week. On average a physician will write one (1) prescription per patient. This represents a potential annual profit of $50,000.00 or more each year!


Highlights of the program include:

If the patient has a prescription card, we suggest that you accept the co-payment on the card (typically $15.00 today for generic). This way, it doesn't cost anymore for the patient to purchase the medication from you and you will earn a profit on medication dispensed. A successful dispensing solution primarily focuses on generic drugs. Each year hundreds of well known medications are going generic saving patients a great deal of money and earning physicians additional income. Clinical Rx Solutions offer a web based software for every practice size that includes real time reports and tracks the medication dispensed.


Ironically, some physicians refuse to write scripts for generic drugs only to see the pharmacist "sell" the patient on the idea to save the patient money. Little does the patient know that the pharmacist earns a lot more money on the "cheaper" drug. Insurance companies often have a policy that if the generic equivalent of a brand name drug is available, the generic drug is what will be provided to the patient at the pharmacy. The fact is generic drugs are proven effective and safe for many ailments and disorders.



BillingScripts Program - Claim Adjudication



1) Are you fed up with declining insurance reimbursements?
2) Is your overhead increasing year after year with no end in sight?
3) Are you seeing more patients to maintain the same income?