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Providing physicians with solutions to increase practice 
Profitability while enhancing patient care and satisfaction

The Benefits of Clinical Rx Solutions


Point of Care Medication Dispensing, Workers Compensation Medication Dispensing and On Site Testing for Medical Reimbursement are services your practice needs today more than ever.


Physician dispensing with pre-packaged medication coupled with simple and easy to use software makes dispensing easy, time efficient and highly profitable. Think about the hours spent today communicating with a pharmacy.


A recent article states an average practice takes up to 20 calls per day per physician regarding refills from existing patients or pharmacy calls for clarification of scripts at an average cost of $5-$7 per call and each physician spending ½ to 1 hour each day on pharmaceutical matters for no revenue. This overhead totals to about $30,000 annually per physician in order to comply with pharmacy and payer/PBM requests. This overhead creates no money but costs a practice considerably. This overhead can be reduced dramatically and possibly eliminated by dispensing medication directly to the patient increasing practice income significantly.


The Benefits of Clinical Rx Solutions



What would you do with an extra $25,000 / $50,000 / $100,00 per year?